Can Romex touch the outside of a recessed can?

I am installing some recessed lights into an non-insulated ceiling. 3 of the holes went fine, but when I cut the 4th hole, I discovered a bundle of three romex wires running directly across the hole. I luckily did not cut or even nick any of the wires. I think I can get enough slack to push them to the side, but they will be in direct contact with the can of the recessed light. The recessed lights I am using are both IC and non-IC rated, but does that mean they can come in contact with just insulation or with all combustibles?

The wires are NM-B that would be in contact with the can.

And the second part of my question, assuming the above is acceptable, could long term exposure to high temps. cause it to prematurely get brittle and crack?

I guess I'm more concerned if this is acceptable to code, not just that it "will work".


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Not a good plan my friend. IC only trips when it gets to hot. Not the slow sizzle you would be subjecting the wire touching the can to. You had better insulate the wires, move the can, or increase your home insurance policy. Not all IC cans are created equal, time to get specific with the manufactures instructions. I bet there is nothing in the directions that says it is ok to put NM wiring in contact with the fixture.

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Seems I remember reading somewhere in the code that wiring within a 12" distance of a recessed light must be rated for at least 90C. It has been a while though, so your mileage may vary.

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