Cell phone Jammer for sale

I have a nearly new cell phone jammer for sale - range is approximately 30 metres in radius. Model MONIX MGB-1S cellular Jammer.

Used only one week ( and then the tenant was gone! - hint great for getting rid of loser tenants who depend on their cell phones for calls).

Includes unit, plus 2 attennas, and a power cable and transformer for North American Standard power.

Asking price $395 plus shipping.

Please email me at donestuardo (AT Sign) yahoo.com or call me on my cell at (416) 458-0012 and I will be happy to go over details with you.



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You do know that interfering with a licensed communications service is ILLEGAL under federal law, right? And admitting to illegally jammimg your tenant's cellphone service which they were "depending on", while giving your name and phone number was a REALLY stupid move.

If only the FCC cared more about idiots like this than about nipples at a halftime show...

Bob Weiss N2IXK

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Bob Weiss

Hehe, loser tenants huh? In case you didn't know that thing is VERY illegal to use in both Canada and the states. Since you posted this to a public group I'm sure the police already know what you're trying to sell...

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Please be advised that the use of such a device is a crime in the US. Also be aware that they do not only block cell phones but also any radio that is in the same frequency band as the cell phones. One example of the type of radio that can be affected are fire and rescue radios functioning on 800 MHz trunked radio systems. With a range of thirty meters that jammer could prevent a paramedic in an adjacent house from getting through to a doctor to get orders for a medicine to save someones life. A firefighter in an adjacent building may not be able to reach command to call for help after being trapped by a partial collapse or a burn through that blocks his/her escape.

Such a violation of the Communications Act of 1934 is punishable by imprisonment or by fines of up to ten thousand dollars for each day in which the violation can be shown to have occurred. The maximum fines are usually reserved for willful violations committed for commercial gain and for malicious violations that result in harm to others. I would think that getting a fire fighter killed or causing the death of a paramedic's patient would qualify. Anyone that would use one of these things is a worse self centered idiot then the cell phone users he is trying to control.

-- Tom H

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Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Department Postmaster

I understand these devices have become increasingly popular in theaters, restaurants, and other places which want to control cell-phone use.

Since this has been going on for a while now has anyone heard of any individual, business or organization being charged - in any administration - for using them?

Just curious since I am sure there are several countries in which their use would appear to be illegal.

Also, since the one being discussed in this thread appears to be a wideband jammer; how about jammers which just disable cell phones by jamming the cell control channels?

I have worked in buildings which limit cell phone and portable radio access through screening but have not encountered jamming systems - that I am aware of.


Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Department Postmaster wrote:

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Dave Holford

And if ex-tenant reads this post and, it's "judgment for the plaintiff". Dude even gave his phone # for the process server to track.

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Steve Cothran

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