How to search for electrical engineering job?

I've got a friend in Russia. He is an electrical engineer, based on what I understand. What would be the best way for him to find a job abroad?

Since, I don't specialize in electrical engineering I even don't know how valuable his skills are on today's market.

I used his terminology. It'd be good if you correct his terms, so I can do some research using the right terminology.

Specialization: "Electric Drive and Industrial Automation".

He knows about electrical machinery, automatic control theory, control systems, power electronics, industrial automation. In brief it is what engineers need to design, create electric drive for automation of industrial equipment or technological process.

Communication protocol realization is what he is doing today. Next I will build program module for equipment automation with several drives.

Keywords can be: electrical drive, electromechanical systems, control systems, communication protocols, automation systems and robotics.

His currently working with electrical drive, which is being manufactured in Russia. He develops new features for this equipment.

I know that he is doing embedded programming. He writes software at the assembly or C level to control electrical drives. He programmed a device with modbus protocol:

MBAXP Modbus RTU/ASCII ActiveX Control

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Sergei Gnezdov
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To work in the US he needs good english... then he needs to contact Contract Employment Weekly in Kirkland Washington ( or town nearby)...try searching google for CE Weekly...also .. and get his resume distributed and get on thier mailing lists etc (thats all inexpensive). Then take the first job he can get at real low money and come up to speed US methods and get good at the language and learn the ropes..that will take 5 to 10 years.. after 2 years at any one job put the resume out again at CE Weekly and take another job at more money...In 10 years he will be an americanized and in the engineering market... which pays poorly by US standards,,, for him 60,000 dollars a year ( close to half gone in taxes)..90,000 would be tops.

If he goes into business for himself doing industrial automation personally, the engineering and installation...

200,000 dollars a year is possible. But he will have to learn how to do business in the US...he can do that in 10 years if he pays attention, reads books and goes after projects.

The US and world economy is due to go south shortly as I see will not be easy anywhere.

Phil Scott

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Phil Scott

What does it mean "go south"?

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Sergei Gnezdov


means 'get worse' usually a lot worse... derived from the notion in north america that 'South is geographically down', and 'North is UP'... the world is shown that way in globe models. the south pole on the bottom..

we say 'go south' when we mean 'go down or get worse'

Tell your friend to begin studying the humanities, Russian art and literature, and its recent dissidents..and the literature of the world, and film ...especially recent 'art' films...and art films such as 'the yes men'... 'the corporation' ...and see "The Last Samurai" a few times. This is the advance of mankind.

It is in these areas where human success is found... trying to get there by means of the engineering business is like trying to fly by hitting yourself on the foot with a rock... Tell your friend to make engineering his hobby, a second tier priority and to make living and the arts and liberty his primary endeavor...then he will be successful... he will even become a better engineer that way.

The brain functions vastly better when integrated with art...a point lost entirely on US engineers, thats why so many have become terminally incompetent. The russian competence is also limited... a result specialty training in Russia that eliminated the arts for engineers...and focused on state goals not human goals or issues.

If your friend wishes to add to his economic value he should get a degree in business, for that take an MBA correspondence course. Masters in Business Administration...this will open his eyes to the most profitable potentials and strategies for his engineering skills and approach.

But he must not skip wine, women and song... thats always fatal. If he is not good a wine women and song now...he needs to start. There is the high end and low end of that spectrum... starting at the Russian opera would work well then some wine and a little fooling around with the ladies in attendance.

He can do the engineering next week.

Lacking that mix one becomes an engineer with no heart...those are a dime a dozen.

Phil Scott

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Phil Scott

ausgespielt, beaten, cooked, dead, defeated, done in, doomed, dying, eighty-sixed, exhausted, finished, had it, kaput, packed-up, ruined, shot, sunk, tired, washed-up

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Future tense of "went west". ;-)

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