Cleaning fine copper wire?

Does anyone know of a good way to clean remnants of burned insulation
off of very fine copper wire (similar to telephone wire)? Is there
some solvent that works well? detergent? vinegar?
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Try the stuff used to clean copper Revere Ware.
You just put it on and wipe it off or with some others, you just dip it.
You can also probly use silver cleaner. . . I DO NOT FOLLOW MANY OF THESE NEWS GROUPS To answere me address mail to
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On 22 Nov 2003 06:38:36 GMT, (BUSHBADEE) Gave us:
The stuff he wants, you dope, is a GC electronics product called STRIP-X. It is VERY toxic, but is used to strip the insulation from mag wire that is of a harder polymer than "heavy nyleeze". It is needed for the high temp mag wire coatings.
You, being from the big core and transformer background that you brag about so much, should know this.
He probably HAS nyleeze, and merely needs to add a good hot blob of solder to the end of the wire to strip off the coating, as it tins the wire. If he succeeds in that, the "burned remnants" can be gathered by wetting the tinned wire again with flux and reflow the tinning with the iron to heat things up again, then immediately wipe the wire end with a "chem-wipe" or paper towel. This process will suspend the particles that you are trying to clean in the wet flux, so they can be wiped away, before the flux cools and solidifies, however.
If the strip-x is used, one must wear gloves, and be very careful with it. Might want to place the waste in the proper hands as well, not just in the trash.
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On 21 Nov 2003 22:22:08 -0800, (hepcatbrandon) Gave us:
What do you mean by burned insulation? What I mean is... are you collecting wire for recycling, or using it electrically?
If you are turning in copper for cash, you should ask the recyclers how they want it handled. Some do not like the burned copper.
If you are referring to the dressing of the ends of mag wire, that is different.
Which is it, or wtf?
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I think you should use a sharp blade, that´s normally used.
-- Dimitris Tzortzakakis,Greece
Ï DarkMatter Ýãñáøå óôï ìÞíõìá óõæÞôçóçò:
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Tzortzakakis Dimitrios
On Sun, 23 Nov 2003 21:59:11 +0200, "Tzortzakakis Dimitrios" Gave us:
What part of "fine wire" do you not understand?
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I use the finest grit sandpaper I can find. I hold the wire in the left hand, fold a small piece of the sandpaper in half, put it over the end and pull out. I repeat until it looks clean. I don't use a knife as it will nick the wire and that results in a stress riser that ultimately fails. I hvae even been able to do this with Litz wire.
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Tried and true is the old recipe for aqua regia?3 parts hydrochloric acid the 1 part nitric acid.
--s falke
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s falke
On Mon, 24 Nov 2003 13:32:42 GMT, Al Gave us:
Most modern mag wire use nyleeze, a coating which can be removed at the time the termination is made, with a soldering iron.
Heat is all it takes.
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