Condenser fan motor substitute

I have a very old carrier condenser. I need a replacement fan motor. The current motor is a 5kcp39bg GE unit with the following specs:

RPM = 1100 HP= 1/10 HZ = 60 u = 208-230. A= .75 Rot Cap = 5.00/370.

What I am finding is no one has a direct replacement. Several mention using another horsepower motor but then the amps are different.

What would be "safe" to use if having to go up in horsepower/amps?

Also, my motor mounts to the top of the condenser lid with acorn nuts. Do any of the above numbers show the fit or proper spacing of the studs?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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If you can't find the direct replacement, be sure you buy a matched fan blade. Going one way will be inefficient and going the other way will burn up the motor. It is like the prop on a boat.

OTOH this looks like your motor

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