Converting Between Decimal Binary Hex & Octal?

Growing weary of manually converting between the Decimal, Binary, Hex, &
Octal number bases I dusted off my old TI-83+ Calculator to see if that
ability was included in its bag of tricks. Unless I'm missing something I
couldn't discover any such ability. What would be slick is a similar
function that's available in the scientific view mode of the calculator in
W9x, and XP Systems, but without having to lug around a computer.
What I'm after might require a program to be available with the TI
I would appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you.
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Louis Bybee
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By a cheap Casio that does the job.
You'll need to check model numbers, the one I use hasn't been made for years.
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Brian Reay
I don't know about TIs, but several HP models can do that. I have a 48GX that can. I am sure the new 48 and 49 series can also.
Charles Perry P.E.
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Charles Perry
Buy an HP. My HP 49g+ does the conversions. It sells for $149 from Walmart on the Internet.
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Gerald Newton
formatting link
click and you can see the JavaSript source Code.
Or try:
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an assortment.
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Gerald Newton
To those that are interested; I found software that did exactly what I desired at under the math program heading.
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Louis Bybee
Also does bit shifting, masking, bitwise and/or/not/xor and stuff I can't even remember.
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Paul Hovnanian P.E.

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