Decimal places

Is it possible in SWX2004 (or 05/06) to specify the number of decimal places
or significant figures that a property is displayed to?
e.g. my part's mass (displayed on a drawing by linking the property) is
being displayed as 1801.15g ......just a tad too accurate for me.
I suppose this question applies to any numerical property value you wish to
display on a drawing. Is there a way to perform mathematical operations
(e.g. INT, ROUND etc) on a property?
I've tried adding "/1000" at the end of the expression to change it to kg,
but it just treats it as a string.
John Harland
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John H
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2004 Go into the part, bring up the mass property tool, go to options, reduce the significant digits, save the part or assembly and go back to the drawing. Should be fixed. This is pretty lame and I think it is fixed but don't quote me on that.
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