Copier Trips UPS, Part 2

I posted a few weeks ago about my UPS, which is connected to my computer,
being tripped when the copier is turned on and when the laser printer kicks
on from hibernate mode.
I finally had a chance to get a voltmeter. The voltage drop at the computer
outlet, which is downstream from the copier, is about 7 volts. The voltage
goes from 120 down to 113 for about a second, then it goes back up to about
117 for several seconds. Then it goes returns to 120. It is basically the
same at the copier outlet.
The computer and copier are about 30 feet from the breaker box. I tried an
outlet about 12 feet from the breaker box in the same circuit, but in a
different room. In the outlet closest to the breaker box, the voltage
started at 120 and dipped to 117 when the copier was turned on.
Next, I tried the copier on an entirely different circuit. There, the
voltage started at 122 and dropped to 118 before returning to 122 in a few
I am not sure, but these voltage drops do not seem like a lot--the voltage
stays over 110 anyway. But the drop keeps setting off the UPS, which seems
like a problem.
Are these voltage drops enough that I should be concerned about equipment
wear and tear, should check the connections at each outlet in the circuit,
or ultimately should call an electrician?

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