I need a design for the circuit which uses capacitances as external notches that makes the relay opearte based on the different timing intervals.. The circuit may use a 555 timer for the purpose!

To be precise, I need to design a circuit that operates a relay timed after 3 ms or 5ms or 10 mins based on the capacitor i select

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Tim Perry

You go back and ask for the design constraints that apply, including what tolerance is allowed on the specified operating times. You ask whether the operating time includes the operating time of the relay - which can be very significant when dealing with timings in milliseconds.

Once you have those essential details, you can start thinking about the design that will meet the specification.

If the teacher says that tolerances don't matter - give him a relay and tell him that it will give the required timings without the need for any further components, within the timing tolerances specified.

-- Sue

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Michael A. Terrell

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