Design services

Offer services as below: Industrial design, Product design, Engineering design, Graphic design, Website design, PCB design, Molding, Prototyping, Contract manufacturing,Assembly, OEM, ODM,

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In addition to all that other great stuff, they tols me that they can rotate my tires, make me taller, enlarge my penis, walk the dog, and read stories to the kids!

It's a good thing I don't have a bias against any company that operates professionally under a GMAIL account or I might be skeptical of their work, I am interested in hearing what sort of extra services they afford to the others on the NG? Any takers?


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Edward T Eaton

Hello Our

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also offer a CADD Outsourcing Services for:

Computer Aided Design Services

Mechanical Designing Services Electrical Designing Services Structural Designing Services Electronic Designing Services

Computer Aided Drafting Services

Mechanical Drafting Services Electrical Drafting Services Structural Drafting Services Architectural Drafting Services Electronic Drafting Services

3D Modeling Services

Mechanical Modeling Architectural Modeling

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Will they enlarge my tires and read stories to my penis?

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