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See there is a slight issue in the world. Look as I might I cannot find
anything similar to PSCAD
formatting link
for the *Nix platform. This is a
crime for all intents and purposes. I've seen a few other vendors but most
all are Windows only and this isn't workable. For a startup I'm putting
together we rely on Pro/Engineer for physical design and verification,
Comsol Femlab for FEA, but where oh where is the needed HV
Layout/Design/Simulation package on *Nix operating systems. PSCAD says
it's developed on a multiplatform GUI toolkit, so porting it to *
Nix would
be trivial. Yay! Problem is, they don't seem to be too interested in
porting at the moment. Matlab with SimPowerSystems looks as if it would be
suitable, but no freely accesible demo hinders testing (registration for
evaluation purposes is complete bullshit, period. If it were automated,
fine, but speaking to a person to be "approved"... no. Defeats the purpose
of using machine automation to remove redudant and costly "things")
So, quite simply, does anyone know of *Nix software for this? I'm sure it
must exist, I just cannot find it on the Internet anywhere. I'm expecting
around ~$1K per seat.
Thanks people.
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Well I can only assume from the overwhelming response that either no one knows, or doesn't care to answer.
Thanks anyway.
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don't care.
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