device to generate electrical pulses

I want to build a small gadget
- that will be powered by electricity from a wall outlet (not battery
- that will send an electrical current with voltage from (say) 3 to 30
- the electric current will be pulsed, and I should be able to control
how long the current is on, and how long it is off, between pulses
- the electricity is outputted to two electrodes - If I touch the two
electrodes to my skin I should feel the current.
The purpose is to stimulate muscles in my feet. I am flat footed, and
very many years ago, someone treated me with an electrical current, and
it helped a lot with the pain. I have heard of something called TENS
units, but the current is not strong enough and I want to build my own.
Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Good Luck Daveb
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In article , (known to some as Peace) scribed...

Yes, I have a suggestion. Seek professional medical attention as opposed to putting your innards (and possibly your life) at risk.
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Dr. Anton T. Squeegee
I would just get a TENS. They were sold by the millions and covered by medicare so I have to believe there have to be lots of them floating around in garage sales and maybe on Ebay. You may have to fix the battery connectors since they were probably put away with batteries in them and now they don't work. That is a safe alternative that should do what you want for less than building something that you can't control.
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"Peace" wrote in news:1154827912.654600.287960
I suspect you would be overwhelmed by the process of building it. The base circuit is a 556 timer, but you would need a power transformer, filter, bridge, potentiometers and an output transistor driving a reversed 6.3 volt transformer to get enough voltage to establish a current in your feet.
Dave M.
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Dave M.

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