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Living Paper's Laboratory Notebook electronically captures any type of
information that a scientist or doctor enters into their notebooks,
i.e., spectra, chemical structures, observations, experimental
conditions, ideas, findings, images and drawings, tables, and
spreadsheets. The Living Paper Lab Notebook comes with a standard
laboratory notebook template, however, custom can also be created to
match a laboratory's established workflows.
The user can continue to use the preferred paper format, yet benefit by
having a digital copy of the entire pen entered information being
stored digitally. Once the information is captured on the paper
notebook, the same information is sent via a PC to be archived locally
or centrally in electronic form, and is available to anyone with
authorized access.
Document review, version control, audit trails, signatures, archives,
and all other communications are handled electronically.
The Lab Notebook includes:
- An assigned to information page
- Numerous Table of Contents Pages
- 97 Project Note pages with dates and signature areas.
The Digital Lab Notebook has a layout and binding that meets standard
lab notebook requirements.
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