Digital Command Control Book Missing pages...

I just purchased "Digital Command Control - the comprehensive guide to DCC"
only to find the book has a few pages missing (actually it is a misprint and
the pages are blank). I tried taking it back but all the books there were
the same. I was wondering if anyone might have this book and if so could
send me a scan of the missing pages. The pages missing are : (most
important) 10,11,14,15 & 2,3,6,7. I've contact the publisher but no luck
so far. It's a great book but I would love to know what the introduction
Thank you!
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Maybe the introduction's author had nothing to say?
Or it reflected the status of his mind?
(Just a couple of thoughts from someone at a loss what to call "baby powder" when it grows up.)
Dieter Zakas
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P2 - carries all the legal details including the names and addresses of the two publishers!
P3 - Preface and acknowledgements.
P6 - just a page of signatures of NMRA Officials and DCC manufacturers.
P7 - Table of Contents.
P10 - Digital Command Control, why it is best.
P11 - Terminology and concepts.
Pp 14 and 15 More terminology and Compatibility.
The first block of pages you can probably live without but the second block is essential to the subject.
Scott wrote:
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Dick Ganderton

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