Southern Pacific "Overnight"

The SP "Overnight" --- questions concerning its cargo and its purpose

1) Might anyone know if the Southern Pacific eventually ran both the black and the silver boxcars, together, in the same train.

2) If I run a train from hidden staging comprised, exclusively, of SP "Overnight" boxcars, how would I end such a run once I entered the layout?

2b) Specifically, what type of merchandise was hauled in these SP "Overnight" boxcars that would prompt a full train to be delivered to one location?

2c) Or, would I break the train up once it arrived at the main yard and deliver individual cars and/or smaller cuts to various locations around the layout?

Thanks! Matt

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On Sun, 15 Feb 2004 16:09:04 UTC, mc (Matt Brennan) wrote: 2000

There may have been a transition period when both colors ran in the same train but ultimately all cars were changed from black to silver.

The merchandise was strictly lcl (less than carload)

The train was delivered to the freight house. The shipments were unloaded from the train and loaded onto local PMT (Pacific Motor Transport) trucks for delivery to the consignees. Overnight cars were not set out at consignee locations. Loads were picked up at shipper locations by PMT and delivered to the freight house where they were loaded onto the overnight cars. All pickups had to be made by 5 pm to make on that night's train.

Note that a typical Overnight train was about 20 cars long.

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