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hi am i allowed to have an oil filled rad fitted in the bathroom, thanks
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Why not as long as you follow all of the local codes that apply to your area.
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"david" wrote in news:z1Ewe.16161$rz1.11215 @newsfe5-gui.ntli.net:
it is ok with me.
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hi am i allowed to have an oil filled rad fitted in the bathroom, thanks ---------------------
If You lived in my house, No ! whatever makes you want it there will fly out the window in a few years when Muck & Slim from past steamy humid showers and such gets all over it., it's not like a baseboard heater that you can repaint and make look good as new again, or is it? where do you plan to place it ? next to the commode ? nuff said.
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Roy Q.T.
Nope, not without paying the oil filled radiator fees, I am a certified collector, please remit $125.00 to the address below.
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Jim Douglas
snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com (david) wrote in :
It's OK with me, but you had better check with your wife first.
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Tom Lager
From your headers, you appear to be posting from the UK. In that case, yes you are allowed to have an oil-filled rad fitted in a bathroom. But no, you are not allowed to fit it yourself. There are exceptions to that - but I doubt any apply, in this case.
I would strongly suggest that you use an NICEIC approved electrician.
The electrician will permanently wire the heater into a fused spur outlet and ensure that it is correctly certified for the hazard zone area where it is installed. There are typically 3 zone types within a bathroom and the heater must be approved for the zone intended.
Note that using an electrical contractor that cannot self-certify for Part P could cause considerable costs and difficulties at a later date - eg when you come to sell the house or, Heaven forbit, make an insurance claim. You would have to pay for inspection by your building regs office in the local authority. Or get the work re-done by a self-certifying company.
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