I just don't understand this...

Why does my portable stereo require 6 x type C 1.5V batteries... when they
could simply have designed it to accept a square 9V battery?
Any explanation?
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Reverend Parson Peter Parsnip
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It's called capacity: those 9 V batteries have tiny cells (6 of them in series), each cell ~1/20 (or even less) of a type C cell. Those 9 V batteries are ~1/2 the price of 6 type C batteries, so the end result is very expensive proposition: you'll have to replace them very often.
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To put it into more exact numbers, a Duracell C-size alkaline is about 7100maH, and a Duracell 9-volt alkaline is about 600 maH. When you put the C-size batteries in series to get 9 volts, it's still 7100maH at 9 volts instead of 1.5 volts. So 7100maH / 600maH is 11.83 times the power. So for every set of C-size batteries, you'd go though about a dozen 9-volt batteries.
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Garrett Mace
go@fish (Reverend Parson Peter Parsnip) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@the-way-of-the-parsnip.root-vegetables:
A conspiracy involving duracell.
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Forgle SHirky
"> "Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with
"But beatest an Iraqi detainee with a rod, and thou shall be court martialed" Gerald Newton 5/19/04
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Gerald Newton
| I agree! This has been bugging me for ages. I guess I should just learn | more physics.
The size should be a good clue. It's like a portable 5 gallon gas tank versus a 55 gallon drum.
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Damn objectivists . . . .
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