LED lights of dimmer circuits

For the heck of it I picked up two 120 volt LED "bulbs" at Wally World.
One had the standard "Edison" base and the other had the "candlelabra" base.
The one with the small base seems to have some internal progblems. When I
put it in a non-dimmer circuit, it "clicked" and stopped working (except
for a brief moment). I tried it in other outlets, etc.
The other one with the regular base works OK. I decided to put it outside
as one of a pair of lamps by the back entrance. I no longer use the remote
feature but I have an X-10 "switch" for those lamps. It "seems" to work
Anyway: it brings up the question as to just how well an LED lamp would get
along with a typical dimmer. I haven't taken the "bulb" apart so I don't
know whether, for example, there is a bridge rectifier inside as well as
some kind of resistive balast. It could even have some kind of high
frequency "switching" circuit inside.
If it's just a resistive balast, it seems to me that a dimmer would act a
little weird but would still function.
Slightly OT: About 5 months ago I got a "hockey puck" LED lamp that was
designed for under the counter illumination. But I used it in a 24/7
application. I note that one LED is completely dark and a few others are
"dim." The "puck" as a whole doesn't seem to be as bright as it was when
Also, I have started to pay attention to the tail lights of trucks and I
note that many seem to have a few LEDs "missing in action."
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