Master Electrician - Time Requirements?


I've been employed for over 25 years in business, the world is changing in strange and mysterious ways (as in China is sucking us dry....)

So.. this might be a midlife crisis question but so be it...

1) How long does it take to become a Master Electrician?

2) How open is the field? Is it all union/family controlled? Does the field support a 46 year old journeymen?

Bottom line how pratical would it be to break into the field and for bonus point what kind of time/path/pay scale, would one expect?

Thanks much...


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Most states that have a ME program that I know about would be 3-7 years of experience. I know Kentucky will let people with 4 years take the test. He did have a MS in Electrical Engineering.

2) Depends on where you live. Probably would support another journeyman.

Again it depends on where you are.

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SQLit schrieb:

Hey, Im from Germany. After reading the postings above I asked myself if the "ME" is the same as in German? After 10 years of basic-school you've got to be an apprentice for 3 1/2 years in Germany, than you have a big test before being an electrician (or many other jobs like mechanic, driver, industrial special worker and so on). After more 3 years as electrician you can get the "ME", after 1.000 hours learning in business-school and another big test. But, it it not the same as "Master" of an university! Being an "ME" is necessary to have an own business in the most branches in Germany.

And China and Eastern Europe are a dangereous for our jobs here, too.


*Excuse my poor english*
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