need construction help

I am seeking for a helpful soul to construct a tesla like device for
me.....I am in the dc area....device is simply but for my level of
electronic knowledge not as doable item as I am unfamilair with high power
devices. thank you in advance.
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by tesla device do you mean a "tesla coil" ?
if so i recommend that you limit your research to written documents as the voltages involved are hazardous.
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Claire - in the UK there is the Women's Engineering Society and Daphnet. Both of which will allow you to get in touch with local engineers - one or more of them would probably help (with the safety aspects, as well). Their members are mostly females and they won't patronise you or try to insult either your intelligence or abilities.
There is SWE, Society of Women Engineers, in the USA; I am not sure how they run things over there, but it might be worth investigating.
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How about the local advanced science/physics class at the high school or vo tec.
The other poster is absolutely correct a operating tesla coil is not something to be toyed with.
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