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HI All: I've been working on circuits of the
Household and Commercial type for over 30 years, others in Theory Only.,
Lights almost come back on by my mear presence };-)
It's so cool to be able to share here with Others., I studied Physics &
Electronics and I'm a Self made Electrical Electronic Technician. well
almost self made.
My First encounter with " The Stuff" was with a Little Battery Powered
Clip-on Light from the Sixties Worlds Fair, if you were around ou might
remember them.... when I was eight y/o my Dad [an Eng.] saw me wire up
the little gadget to an AC plug after the Battery wore out, all I knew
was It needed some Electricity:-) with a Big Smile on his face, I found
out why when the bulb blew and then he explained DC & AC to me, that
it's just Different Electricity :-) then came voltages and the need to
study it properly at the proper age. I'm a fast learner when it came to
"The Stuff" otherwise I'm just as Dumb as Plums., if you know what I
I am currently involved in the field Freelancing about & doing
Commercial Energy Efficient Lighting with a friend while taking an
Online Refresher and may go for my License or if it's more Fun, Safe &
Profitable return to The Alma Mater for a Greater Degree of Electric
Fever... maybe I'll get help deciding here....
Does, Why Spoil the Innocent Brats Views Still Apply? hahaha I've got
dozens of low voltage bulbs around now, lots of tools different related
tester and Experiences to Share & Help out here .... My HPD/NYC BLdg.
Mgrs. Certificate doesn't hurt either.
{The Title} I'll stop by to discuss mutual problems of the Electrical
Kind.... Happy Holidays

Thanks for being Here !
Cordially; your friendly neighborhood Electrician, Just kidding...
At Your Service:
Roy Quijano
Oh If I should be of use [E=3DMC=B2] n not around you can Email an alert
to a post at snipped-for-privacy@webtv.net I'll keep you in mind & respond as
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Roy Q.T.
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Roy Q.T. schrieb am 31 Dez 2004:
No need for html-tags. this is usenet
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Walter Loos
Thanks !
I'm not too good with neatness right now either., too much, too little hardware, tools & devices needing to keep track of.
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Roy Q.T.

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