PSS with AVR

I 'm looking for a Power Stabilizer System into or beside an AVR Generator
Do somebody knows about a web site where I can found a description of how it
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What does a PSS do? Are you trying to requlate voltage, frequency or both? What is a AVR generator?
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An AVR for Automatic Voltage Regulator will maintain the Stator voltage constant of the synchronous generator via scr bridge etc... The PSS can be an external control loop to help the grid recovering when frequency move. Usually used for very long feeder. It can be also the main control loop. The deviation signal is the difference of MW elec and MW meca. There is also different way to do it with a MW elec signal plus an integral constant. I'm looking for more details about how it works.
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Try on
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Yoc can find there a document Understanding PSS
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