Adding power supplies to Atlas DCC

The manual for the Atlas Commander DCC system is unclear as to what
power supplies can be used to add additional power to the system. It
clearly states that the 'Generator', which is used as the first power
source and drives the Commander, should not be used for additional
power, but that a 'Power Station' should. However, I can not find
'Power Station' defined anywhere, including their web site. Is
anybody familiar with this?
The hobby shop where I bought the system did not know the answer.
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As the Atlas Commander is a Lenz system I suggest you join the Lenz group and ask the question there. I'm not a member of that group and am not sure exactly how to do it. The Lenz DCC site explains all about their systems. It makes this comment about the Atlas Commander;
"If the total of the power consumption of your layout exceeds the power delivered by the SET, you simply add additional power stations (boosters) to the SET. For H0 scale and smaller, we recommend our LV101, for larger scales the 10 amp LV200 is best."
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Jon Miller
I too ave wondered about the "Generator" is there an over-the-counter product from Radio Shack or some other electrinics store that will accomplish the same thing?
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Carter Braxton

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