Re: 8 guage 70amp wire switch

Thanks for responses. I found a place under the hood where the
inverter fits perfect - no dash work might be needed afterall. The
unit has been operational now for several hours and I've only been
using it while the engine is on as most of appliances tool and draw
close to 750watts and the battery will not support too much drain
without the alternator running.
The inverter has a small on/off switch. How can bypass this switch and
turn the unit on only when the key is in the cars ignition on my 2003
s10 blazer? This recofiguration will save me from having to open and
close the hood to get VAC inside the car. Do you think the guys in the
radio/alarm install department of best buy might know how to do this ?
Some info for those who might trip on this post looking for
information about the Husky 750watt inverter - it's available at Home
Depot for $70 and the following items run with no problems from my
2003 s10 blazer (with lights on and engine running) :
SunBeams 600 watt microwave $30 at walmart. (reheated pizza)
Many power drills (drilled 10 thick holes into a 2x4 with no problem)
A mini sized Hand saw (I cut through a 2x4 with no problem)
A small chain saw. (cut a 4inch branch of a tree)
pending to testing making toast with 600 watt toaster
running my laptop
Basically most anything around 600 watts seams to work fine. 600+ or
appliances with watt spikes cause the circuit to overload and
The idea that I can do all of this without a generator is really just
so cool. Wondering what the life of this setup will be and why
automakers don't consider it as an option. It sure going to be
Thanks Again
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I'm still thinking that a starter solenoid wired to a switch that isn't powered unless the ignition is on would solve this problem.
And if you don't have a voltmeter added to your dash get one.
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