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Now that I have a digital camera I am in the market again for a set of rechargeable batteries. In the past I gave up using them for a portable radio because alkaline batteries lasted for a week where I had to change the rechargeable ones every day.

The ones I have used in the past were Radio Shack.

Have they improved or did I go with the wrong kind?

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Doesn't your camera manufacturer sell them? Along with some handy little charger that you can take along with you?


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Digital cameras can be pretty tough on batteries, and some don't like them at all. In any case, there are better batteries than ones RadioShaft sells. Try

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I've found the Sanyo batteries to be quite good and Batteries America to be reputable.

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for batteries & chargers. But these days, Target, et. al., carry Duracell & Energizer NiMH rechargables (& kits) - they're really good too. I find that being able to run a charger from a vehicle's lighter port really handy too.

Don't bother with any kind of alkaline cells in today's digital cameras - they don't deliver enough juice fast enough (internal resistance & chemical limitations, etc.).

And if you're like me and don't use your camera daily, you'll eventually get caught by the self-discharge of the NiMH cells. So I always keep a set of Lithium cells with the camera too. Unaffected by temp extremes and 10-year shelf life, they'll always be ready when you need them.

If your camera uses a CR-V3 battery, consider a lithium version of that since they hold even more juice than AAs. And now they're making RCR-V3 (rechargable Lithium-Ion), but so far they don't seem to be living up to their potential - yet. I'm looking forward to them since the self-discharge of Li-Ion is wayyy lower than NiMH.

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Wayne R.

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