Revealing Wil G Sokolich

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Gary Sokolich
801 Kings Road
Newport Beach, CA 92663-5715
(949) 650-5379
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February 28, 2008 Board Meeting Disciplinary Actions
W. Gary Sokolich , Newport Beach, California ¡V File B-29812 - It was
alleged that Dr. Sokolich unlawfully offered or attempted to practice
engineering in Texas (...) Dr. Sokolich chose to end the proceedings by
signing a Consent Order that was accepted by the Board to cease and desist
from representing himself as an ¡§Engineer¡¨ in Texas, from any and all
representations that he can offer or perform engineering services and from
the actual practice of engineering in Texas (...) Dr. Sokolich was also
assessed a $1,360.00 administrative penalty.
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A former UCLA physiologist has agreed to provide copies of his research to
the school to settle a lawsuit the university filed against him in 1985,
lawyers in the case said.
The University of California Board of Regents filed a $620,000 lawsuit
against Sokolich, accusing him of taking research on the hearing
capabilities of animals in June, 1982. Sokolich was dismissed by UCLA
because research funding had run out.
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Gary Sokolisch
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One would think that the twink cushion would have better things to do with "it's" prestigous life. I mean patents, doctorates and a long resume would lead to a busy life with plenty of socializing. Yet the troll seems to devote all of its free time, where?, on the internet pursuing petty grudges and flaming those who he finds himself in disaggreement with.
I don't know about you folks, but in the real world these behaviors are indictative of a social misfit, a malajusted emotional foundation and a LOSER.
Hmm the psych text books seem to agree.
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"SixStringStu" wrote in news:isue5v$j5j$
Take a look in the mirror DUMBO. You're the societal parasite and LOSER who is pursuing a grudge and doing the flaming. Also, you've never read a psych text book in your life. In fact, the only contact that you've ever had with psychology/psychiatry was when you were locked up in a loony bin for four years after pleading not guilty by reason of insanity in order to avoid being convicted of a federal felony that would have locked you up in a cage where you belong for 25-years to life.
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