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where would i be able to order ic samples for free? pl help me out.
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fm the manufackturers. go 2 their web pages and zee.
But generally the samples are of their new products and typically will be surface mount. As "cutting-edge" components, you may find it difficult to find published circuits that use them and you may find that they are particularly demanding to use. You may also find that the exact component you want is not supplied as a sample, but one of the same family.
Some manufacturers allow you to order samples straight off their web pages. Others require that you contact them - with details of who you are, what company you work for, what you want and why you want it. To date, none has turned me down - even when it involved a rather expensive (equivalent to several hundred dollars, today) toroid core and I was only an undergraduate final year student.
It does help if, afterwards, you can get them a bit of good publicity. Don't overdo it - or they will be phoning you to try to give you stuff for years after..
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Try the nearest welfare office. ;=)
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