Seek: UK 3-pin mains plug with on-off SWITCH

Is it possible to get a regular UK 13 amp 3-pin mains plug but with an
on-off switch on it?
Maybe the plug would have a rocker switch or something like that.
Am sure I saw one a long time ago but since then I've never been able to
track one down.
BTW I don't want to use an inline torpedo switch or anything like that.
Thanks, Jon
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Jon D
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Nearest think I have seek is multiway adapters/extension leads/etc with independent switches.
Or the radio link remote control socket adapters. Maplin does them - Lidl/Aldi did a set very cheaply recently.
I modded one of the transmitters to work off a parallel port and the computer can thus control 4 sockets (cheaper than X10 etc!). I use that to switch on/ off laser printers/servers/etc when they aren't being used. OK, yes you can do it by WOL packets (at least the servers) but the servers are the wrong side of a firewall.
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I've not seen that for a long time but two alternatives suggest themselves
(1) retrofit a switched 13A socket. This is the work of minutes only
(2) I bought a 3 way SWITCHED 13A adaptor from Woolworth's yesterday.
This has to be the easiest way to get most of what you want.
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The Natural Philosopher
B&Q do / did them - large rocker on the top. No idea if it comes up on
formatting link
- not much does.
However if this is high duty cycle I would... o Replace unswitched wall socket with switched ---- bonding earth - sleeve gr/yellow from socket to metal backbox o Replace trailing socket with surface mount flat grey metal type ---- surface mount flat grey backbox ---- surface mount flat grey switched socket ---- 20mm knockout fitted with IP68 cable-gland to flex cable ---- bonding earth - sleeve gr/yellow from socket to metal backbox o Replace trailing socket with individually switched version ---- might be more expensive unless you need several power points ---- versions range from sockets-on-a-board to moulded-in switches
With a switched socket the plug provides some "knock off" protection, the rocker-switch-plugs provide little protection re fingers, feet, etc.
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Dorothy Bradbury
In message , Jon D writes
Funny you should ask
One of my employees brought one in to work the other day that he had just bought on the internet, but we couldn't find the link again. I hope he'll bring it in on Monday
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I can confirm that they are still sold. I bought a 13 Amp fused plug top exactly as you describe at Homebase in Belfast last December.
Regards, Tuppence
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Electrical part of B&Q makes you look at everything to find anything :-)
Newey & Eyre trailing sockets now have Prescott-P-Approved tri-screws. Just imagine if all the red tape that has been applied to people were instead applied to those seeking positions of government... justice. Unfortunately some would probably want a Risk Management first.
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Dorothy Bradbury
Nah - plumbing sections worse... There you have to look *in* everything to find anything ;->
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Tim S
Saw it at B & Q this morning.
13mp 3 pin plug with switch and neon indicator £2.46
Regards, Tuppence
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