Silicon & Corrosion

Before, whenever I spliced any wires that required shrink tubing, I always
soldered and used shrink tubing that had a salve like substance inside the
tube, and there was never a problem with moisture or corrosion. I can hardly
find this type shrink tubing anymore, and what I did find was cost
prohibitive for the little I use. I'm wondering if after soldering, apply
some common silicone sealer and slide the tubing over it and shrink it.
Should keep it sealed, however, is there something in the silicone that
would corrode the solder connection?
Many thanks for any help. Lee.
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Your local auto parts store sells silicone dielectric compound in small tubes. It's used on plug boots and external wiring connectors. Rocco
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As has been mentioned, the goo is widely available:
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Yup. The common solvents are Acetic Acid and Ammonia. Both are corrosive. There *are* special silicone glues for use with metals:
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Anal Lube ?
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