Secret Service radio Jamming??

Does anyone know if the Secret Service is Jamming the airwaves when
escorting the candidates through Florida? This afternoon at about 2:45
PM I was driving around Seminole county and noticed wideband
interference across the entire FM broadcast band. It lasted about 5 or
10 minutes. Then suddenly the interference stopped. The interference was
not wideband noise but seemed to have coherent beat tones. My wife
called me shortly after to say she was unable to phone me on her
cellphone (Verizon) and thought the business she was in was deliberately
"jamming" the cellphone.
Were any of the candidates in the vicinity of I4 or 417 in Seminole
county this afternoon?
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That would be illegal. Plus it would take a huge amount of power to blanket a large area. Plus it would be very stupid to offend the broadcasters.
Also illegal in the US. see
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Tim Perry
Our our federal government jamming public communications channels? I doubt that even they wo~po_~{po ~poz~ppo\~{ o n~po_~{o[po ~y oodsou>#w4ko
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Paul Hovnanian P.E.
Well there you go !!
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