Single Strand Electric Fence Questions

I hope I'm in the right group to post these questions....

I want to run a single strand of electric fence wire about 6" above the ground in order to discourage our dogs from digging under our privacy fence. I picked up a Fi-Shock 750, but neither the provided diagrams or their website answer some simple questions I have.

I've posted a simplified image of the fence layout for reference:

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My questions are:

  1. Is it okay to have both ends of the single strand terminate? (see image)

  1. Because the energizer will be located in a shop, approximately 15 feet away from the fence, can I use outdoor rated 12 guage wire to connect the strand to the energizer? (I'd like to bury the 12 guage wire)

  2. How do I handle burying the wire where the fence is interrupted by the gates?

Again... I hope I'm asking the right folks, if not, I apologize.

Thanks for the help.

-Bill Stevens

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Bill Stevens
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Yes, that's fine.

Yes - as long as the wire insulation is rated for the fence voltage. See below.

Between your shop and the fence and across the gates you will need to run your outdoor-rated wire down the fence post, under the crossing, and up the other side.

In the absence of any specific regulations in your area, it's a good idea to run the wire in 1" UV-resistant PVC conduit buried at least 6" below ground to prevent the wire being damaged by ground movement in these higher traffic areas and to allow you to replace the wire in future should you ever need to.

If you can't be bothered with conduit and want to direct-bury, make sure the cable has some kind of wire armouring to protect it - you can buy cables specfically designed for electric fence use.

Hope this helps, Cameron:-)

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Cameron Dorrough

Since the National Electrical Code has a purpose of protecting persons and property from the hazards arising from the use of electricity and electric fences have a purpose to create a hazard arising with the use of electricity there are no safety rules in the NEC covering electric fences.

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