Standby Power

Recently, using an inductive ammeter, with everything off in the house but power adapters and equipment with a stanby mode, I obtained a reading of

2.88 amps total after adding the current read on both 120 volt legs of the service. After plugging out "non essential adaptors and equipment, the total current dropped to 1.90 amps. Not taking into account a small power factor, thats a drop of .98 amps which is 117.6 watts.

The average power adapter with it's low Q transformer, consumes about 3 watts with no load as I had measured, but with a standby load it might be 5 or 6 watts.

I've seen low no load current, low output power adapters on the web that use less than 1 watt and other switching adaptors at relatively high output currents and probably with low no load currents as well at RadioShack. I would just swap all my old linear adaptors with these RadioShack adaptors, but at $25.00 a pop, I don't think so.

Does anyone know where I can get practicle switching adapters for my "stuff"?

Is congress getting in the way, or do we have too continue loading down the "dynamos" with these adapters?

Dave M.

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Dave M.
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