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Hi all,

I'm updating a row of 10 street lights. New fittings are 150W Metal Halide.

I was wondering... Cut off (when opened it kills the power) fuse holders have been supplied with the 8m Poles...they sit withn the service hatch, one for each lamp. The fuse holders are rated at 25A (max load). Am I right in putting a 5A Fuse in for each lamp?... this will protect

1 MH 150W Tube.

The main MCB is 10A (single ph).

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Who can tell. You didn't give the supply voltage.

At 120 volts, I've seen 175 watt MV lamps draw over 5 amps during warm up. I suppose MH has a similar characteristic. You may want to monitor current during start , warmup and steady operation to get a better idea. The ballast may indicate the fuse size. The 25 amp rating is probably the max for the fuse holder itself and not for the circuit it is used in. John

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