TECH: Wiring a 3-way switch

Evening folks...

Im sure its been covered but I cant seem to find my exact solution...

I am working on a 3 way switch circuit and need a little help....

I have 2 switches, A and B.... the box at A switch has 14-2 power coming in, 14-3 running to another switch, and 14-2 going to light fixture.

So I have 3 wires in box A and one in box B and I cant seem to get it working properly???

Any help is appreciated!! bashers carry on..


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Box A:

14-2 power white to 14-2 light white and bury them Red and white from 3-wire to each of the two silver screws Black from 3-wire to black of 14-2 light and bury them Black from 14-2 power to brass screw on switch

Box B: Black to brass screw Red and white to each of the two silver screws.

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Perhaps the following will help:

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