Timer on an emersion heater

I'd like to put a timer on my emersion heater, but they are very
expensive. At the moment, my emersion simply has a switch with a
heavy duty grey lead going in and the emersion lead coming out.
Is it possible to put a standard UK 13amp plug on the emersion lead,
and take out the switch and replace it with a standard plug socket?
That way I can use a standard £5 timer and not have to spend £30 on a
dedicated emersion timer.
Thanks for your help.
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Chris Cheese
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What is an Emersion heater?
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(An immersion heater.) Digital timers made for the job are available for £20 in B+Q. Not worth the hastle!!. PF
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Thanks for all your replies. I'm gonna buy a proper timer! Cheers, Chris
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Chris Cheese

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