Using 4 wire 220 V generator on 3 wire device?

My generator has 2 110 volt windings. The 220 volt plug has 4 wires, 2 for
each of the two 110 volt windings. All of my 220 volt devices use just 3
Can I tie the 2 neutrals on the 4 wire plug together for my 3 wire devices?
The wiring diagram does not show the neutrals being connected anywhere, just
one being tied to frame ground; however, ohming the windings shows
Why a 4 wire plug for 220 volts?
Thanks for your comments.
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Henry Bergdolt
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Some 220 volt items like a water heater/ motors require only 2 hots and a ground. Other loads like a dryer need 4 wires so which is 2 hots a neutral and a ground. Use the hots and the ground for your loads and you will be fine. The ground is usually the terminal that is bent or curved.
The neutral and ground are connected together at the source. Which does not mean that they do the same thing. Connect to the hots and the ground and you will be ok. Good practices maintain that a ground rod should be driven at the generator location. I hope this helps
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On Sat, 27 Dec 2003 5:27:33 -0800, Henry Bergdolt wrote (in message ):
Normally, a 4-wire plug (such as for a clothes dryer) provides both 220 and 110 voltages. 220 requires the two individual phase conductors, and the 110 requires the neutral conductor. Add a ground for safety, and that makes 4 wires.
This is not a 3-phase appliance, is it? What is the appliance you wish to power?
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Dave, thanks for your help. From the generator I would be running a 220 volt well pump or supplying the two phases to my home with all 220 volt circuit breakers and of course the main off. The 220 volt would be off only because I don't need any of those appliances. The well pump usage is at other locations. The thing that raised my questions was the wiring diagram that showed two 110 volt windings and none labeled neutral. The ground led is the one with the little bend on it so the other must be neutral. Regards, Hank B.
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Henry Bergdolt

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