Voltage divider

Voltage divider is just two resistor connected is series, but powerful tool for calculating electrical potential of some nodes. Instead of solving sys tem of equations, all we need to do in order to calculate output voltage of an voltage divider is to find quotient of resistor value and sum of two re sistors that makes voltage divider, and then to find product of this quotie nt and input voltage.

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Patrick Chung
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While the concept of a voltage divider is useful it is a trivial example

-well covered elsewhere Note that the actual computational effort is exactly the same as solving: Vin=I*(R1+R2) (KvL) and Vout=R2*I (Ohm). KCL is implied I would suggest that the basics KVL, KCL and Ohms " Law" are far more important .

In the following it is given before any other analysis as an introductory example.

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As for "plug in and turn the crank" calculators try

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which is better than yours. The trouble with the calculators is that there is no understanding involved in their use. In some cases they save effort but in this case, I think it is counter-productive.

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Don Kelly

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