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I have a ceramic tile backsplash. The guy cutting
the outlet holes wasn't very good, and I therefore
need jumbo (midsized doesn't cover the mess)
plates to cover his handiwork. The problem has not
been to find jumbo plates, it is to find them in
BLACK, which is the color of the tile. I have been
through much discussion with local supply houses,
and nobody seems to have them or the capability of
getting them. What I need exactly is 1 jumbo decor
plate for the GFI, and 2 jumbo plates to cover
regular duplex outlets.
If anyone is able to help me, I'd appreciate it.
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Robert A. Cibiras
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Take a look at:
formatting link
They have a HUGE assortment of switchplates, far more than any electrical supplier will carry.
The other possibility would be to buy common white/ivory plates and spray paint them...
Bob Weiss N2IXK
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Bob Weiss
Stainless steel would look good also and they are easy to get. You might have to change the other ones in the room.
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You can obtain paintable preprimed plates by special order at an electrical supply house. -- Tom H
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Tom Horne

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