Wiring Inside Cabinets

Hi All:
Does all 120 volt Romex 12-gage wire cable have to be protected when run
inside of kitchen cabinets? Flex metal conduit is used for power supply to
garbage disposer and other wiring subject to damage, but if the cable is
concealed and not subject to damage, such as behind drawers, is metal
conduit still required?
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You have touched on the relevent points. If the cable is secured, closely follows the surfaces and is not subject to damage it is OK according to article 334. This certainly will become a judgement issue.
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And the judge would probably be the electrical inspector.
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Don Phillips
I thought SJ and a plug was the preferred solution. It certainly is for a garbage disposer here. Romex to a dish-washer seems normal. Perhaps it's because the disposer is under-sink, with human access and the dishwasher more permanent?
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Keith R. Williams
I wouldn't consider the area behind a drawer to be safe from damage. Not with the number of forks, knives and other objects that I usually find back there. This is just my opinion. I've never tried to get such an installation approved.
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Paul Hovnanian P.E.

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