Lego & condition of old stuff

Hi there, I'm after some help/advice if possible.

My parents cleaned out the loft before moving house and found all my lego from the 70's. There's nothing very exciting apart from some train stuff but I just wanted to know about condition reports.

All the lego seems to have a slight "dent" in each end of every piece. I thought at first it was just the loose bricks and that maybe it was because they were seconds or summat but having inspected the train stuff, they are the same. I can't really describe this which is why I failed to turn anything up on google as I don't know what to search on!

Is this normal for lego of this age? I would like to sell the train set at some point - it's all there and has the box and everything.

I can try and take a photo if anyone wants an idea of what I'm waffling on about as it's as clear as mud above!

Thanks in advance

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Hi Cerian, I don't have any old Lego that is other than Technic. The Technic pieces don't show what you have described, but the regular bricks that you have might have "sink" at the ends caused by the molding process. The larger the block, the more likely it is to have this. You might do a Google search on something like "plastic mold sink" and see if there are any photos that look like what you're seeing. Kerry

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Thanks Kerry, will give it another go.

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