lego is doomed

Lego is not doomed.Life is about
balance:Body-Senses-Thought-expression. If one wishes to live a life
being bombarded by electrons be my guest. This pundit also (probably)
thinks he/she makes valid contributions to society from the basement
of his mothers house. The world is full of mental masterbaters.Go out
and create something or stay in and create something.Just create.Use
your hands for more than operating a game pad.By the way:How much do
you weigh now? What was the last thing you made other than urine,feces
and empty hot-pockets boxes? It is people like you that are doomed.But
dont worry:the world cares not for your kind because we never see
you.except by the glow of your television light that seeps out your
windows.Good luck with your upcoming coronary bypass.Silly rabbit!
Wits are for kids! Mark
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the troll does create it likes to start conversations it made you write this message but even a nuclear bomb creates destruction
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