Lego trains: 12v transformer

I have a lot of track but no transformer. So I can make one up and
run the trains does anyone know the ampage of the output of the 12v
transformer, or, any other transformer that will work as well?
Preferably in or available in the UK. Or, if you can sell me a 12v
transformer that would do just as well...
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First check your motor(s): are these really the old 12V types? Since 1991 all LEGO® run with 9V power....
If you have the 12V system there are several possibilities: 12V transformers are (at least at German eBay) sold for prices that are seldom above 8...10 Eur. But be aware of possibly high shipping costs.
But you can of course connect ANY 12V supply with DC (direct currancy) from 4....12V. 12V is 12V - only when you should have a shortcut a high ampage might damage your rails.
Leg Godt!
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