NorthwestBrickCon: Seattle, WA USA

For all of you out there who do not visit LUGNET to have already seen
this, I wanted to make you were aware of the NWBrickCon happening near
Seattle, WA, USA, from Oct. 29-31. The release below explains it all.
If you have questions regarding this event, please contact
at: ramman99(insertATsignhere)
LEGO® Fans Host Family Fun Halloween Event at Former SeaTac Mall
LEGO® fans from across the United States and Canada will be hosting a
free building exhibition at the newly re-modeled SeaTac Mall on
Sunday, Oct. 31, from noon to 6pm.
Hundreds of LEGO models will be on public display, including a
spectacular six-foot-tall working roller coaster, a smoking volcano,
an eight-foot-long castle display and a train layout the size of a
two-car garage.
"This is a great event for families and a unique way to spend your
Halloween afternoon," said Gary McIntire, chairman of the third annual
NWBrickCon, a three-day convention in which adult fans gather to show
off their creations and celebrate their love of LEGO bricks. The
public show marks the end of the three-day convention.
"All ages will delight in viewing 'rooms of doom,' a modular haunted
house made from LEGO bricks, and will be amazed to see LEGO robots
navigating mazes.
We'll even have a non-controversial working monorail at our event,"
chides a smiling McIntire.
Adult fans of LEGO, or "AFOLs" as they call themselves, consist mostly
of young professionals who are a blend of serious craftsmen and
For instance, amidst elaborately crafted buildings and trains, one
might find a robotic hotdog or a sheep piloting a spacecraft. It's
not all silliness, though.
"Most people are skeptical of us adult enthusiasts at first," McIntire
says, "but when they see the size and detail of our creations, and
consider the time spent constructing them, their jaws drop."
Wayne Hussey of Federal Way is one such fan who has amazed both
children and adults alike. Hussey spent more than a year
constructing a 35,000-piece scale model of a ferry now on display at
the Odyssey Maritime Discovery Museum in Seattle. Hussey also built
an eight-foot-tall replica of the Smith Tower which presently resides
in his living room.
"Not all of the fans build large," adds McIntire. "At this year's
event we expect to have a large number of creations that are
deliberately small. A new trend among many LEGO fans is to attempt to
capture as much detail in as small a space as possible. In many
cases, items such as castles and cathedrals are built small enough to
be held in the palm of your hand."
The Pacific Northwest--it turns out--is a hotbed for LEGO enthusiasts,
with six separate LEGO building clubs between Portland and Vancouver,
"This is our third annual event," reports McIntire, "and is a
cooperative event between the Seattle Area LEGO Users group, several
LEGO train clubs, a local robotics group and our friends in Vancouver,
"The past few years the NWBrickCon has been held at the Seattle Center
where attendance has been impressive. By moving our event further
south to the new Commons at Federal Way, we hope to attract a whole
new set of future fans."
For more information on the NWBrickCon, visit or
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