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Hello all,

New to the groups and rediscovering my old passion for LEGO. Over the last 8 months I've re-built my LEGO collection significantly in both bulk brick and sets. I was wondering what everyone's favored methods of storage were when it comes to sets? I recently purchased nearly every Star Wars set for a steal, instructions and parts mint, but no boxes. One or two I plan on displaying, but the rest I have yet to settle on a storage method. My son and I have also been getting many of the Harry Potter and Adventurers sets, and those to I'm finding difficult to decide on an appropriate storage method. Feedback most appreciated.


-- Michael Wood

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Hi Micheal,

The first thing that comes to mind is: Welcome to hell :-)

I'd like to tell you that it's easy, but I'd be lying my @ss off. Storage has to be the most expensive part of having Lego. With so many new pieces coming out in so many colours, the storage is getting more and more difficult, especially if you plan to sell some items to finance others.

Here's what I've done: I have six storage bins with small drawers (for screws and nails) that I bought in a hardware store. I also have ten different size bins bought at IKEA. I have a shelve system about height feet tall by ten feet wide (where I stack the bins). I also have multiple drawer system in plastic that I found at Wal-Mart. The cost for all this...Just over $500. And they're all full...

Good luck!


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I've always used Fishing tackle boxes myself. They fold up into a small space and are easy to carry. Storing similar items in each box is helpful (for example, store aviation pieces in one tackle box, and space in another, castle in yet another). The boxes usually have a bottom section that can hold large pieces, and smaller trays working toward the top.

My favorite brand was "Flambeau". They have modular trays at the top, so you can make them any size you want. Also, the boxes unfold for a good view of all of the pieces.

When you have too many parts for a tray, you can put them in gladware containers (also pretty cheap) and store those in the bottom of the tackle box for a given part category.

Finally, some pieces require even larger containers (like the one I have for

2x1 bricks). For these, I have a Rubbermaid sweater box (designed to slide under a bed) and it is filled with 1 gallon plastic containers (from a local ice cream shop). For me, one sweater box for bricks, and another for plates does a pretty good job. The tackle boxes are used for special pieces.

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Neb Okla

I'm a big fan of ziplock baggies. You can get them in multiple sizes: the little ones, the sandwich size ones, and the gallon sized freezer bags. Sort pieces into the baggies and then sort the baggies into plastic storage bins or boxes or whatever. Here is my storage solution for a fair sized collection (though small by the standards of many here):

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BTW, welcome back to the brick. You probably also want to check out the following websites:
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(general LEGO discussion)
formatting link
(star wars specific LEGO discussion)
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(see pictures of creations, post your own pictures)
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(buy and sell bricks)


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Bruce H

lego once did a storage rack, whatever happened to it?

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A.J.B 2.K.3

If someone ever needs to have a SERIOUS solution to their storage problems, try the products of Durham Mfg.

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use these in my parts dept. at work, and they are very versatile and durable, although not inexpensive.

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John Hughes

Hi Michael,

there is only one answer to your request:

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After you have read that posting you will know everything about storing systems. Enjoy one of the best lugnet postings I have ever read.

Leg Godt!

Ben my pages:

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"Michael T. Wood" schrieb:

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Years ago i once saw a product advertised on tv that had numerous compartments fro sorting and storing things and it could be laid out flat but then was able to roll up and had strap or handle so it could be carirried dont remember what it was called but it seems like for some people this would be a good system.

I myself am fairly new to lego collecting and have mostly gotten mine in bulk auctions and only have a few sets.

thus far i am at the collor seperating faze useing tuperware, shoeboxes, etc but it is funny how when u buy a set and there is always atleast one piece called for in the instructions that is missing and ther is always extra pieces left over.

I like the idea of having sorting draws so that u could do a seperation by type that would make the hunt eaiser.

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Micheal Rieker

When we were just starting out our LEGO collection was sorted rather simply. All standard bricks dumped in an underbed storage box (shallowness aided in finding pieces quickly.) We then had, I think, six pencil boxes with specialty pieces. Minifigs and accessories, small plates, large plates, automobile parts, technic, and one that held all "detail" pieces.

Our current method is somewhat more cumbersome.

*Standard bricks are separated by color in blue tubs. We started out sorting by size, but then if you wanted to build anything you had to have all six boxes out. My husband hates this, but it is much easier for my five year-old.

*Larger elements (ex. arches, wheels, technic, animals, etc.) are organized in clear Sterilite boxes of various.

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*Smaller elements (ex 1x1 plates, steering wheels, tiles, etc.) are in fishing tackle boxes. The compartments are adjustable and the boxes are available in various depths. I stack them without the lids so you can slide the slide the box out and easily pull out what you need.
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Our entire collection is stored on 3 chrome baker's racks from Costco.

My advice to someone starting sorting from scratch:

- Use clear boxes so you can easily see what's inside.

- I've found it is nice to have matching boxes. Not only do they stack better, but it is easier to put away when the lids are all the same.

Hope this helps! Kristine Kristine

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Kristine Birnbaum


Also a guy here who is just starting back in. I have to say I am a fan of the zip-loc freezer bags with the plastic zipper on them. Right now I use the gallon, quart, and snack sizes. I am separating by type - regular bricks, flats, roof/slopes - within each color. The special pieces are in a fishing tackle organizer for smalls and ziplock bags for larger such as hinges and wheel sets. I keep the bags in sterelite clear shoeboxes by color. This is working well so far. I assume when I have bigger quantities I will start sorting by size within the color and type.

Having lots of fun so far.

Tim :)

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whew you guys have good ideas

but nothing beats the good old sound of digging trhough the pile

i sort mine according to type brick wise(in big gallon zips) then i have boxes sorted as

#1 plain plates (no plates with do hickys on them)

#2 ramps and inverted slopes (i include roof top ridge plates and the rounded over ones)

#3 technic(everything that has a technic hole in it or has the + shapecompatable with technic)(not included in this the 2x2 round pieces that have the + hole and most space elements that are technic style and the 1x2, 2x2,2x4 pieces that work as axles or propeller mounts

#4 doors windows for houses and wheels with metal(i really like them so i keep them handy)

#5 things that move (hinges ,spinners ,stering ,wheels ,shifters anything that if ya wiggle it it wont normaly fall apart and wheels with no metal

#6 everything else (after sorting all that crap i end up with about a shoebox of wings those crazy space horn PA thingies and a bunch of plates with stuff and car windows and doors and in there i have a bag of clear elements(which includes colored clear pieces (blacktron cocpit windows 1x1 round clears and clear coloreds some antennas ,rocket motors ya know clear stuff

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makes you wonder... theres a vacuum in space, but theres a million PA thingies for the spaceships. question for you: have you ever gotten so mad that you bit or chewed on some of your legos in a fit of anger?

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I quickly went from shoebox to plastic bag to tubs to tackle boxes and tubs... and i still dont have everything organized!

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Organization the Eric Harshbarger style. Selected pictures from his site.

An old library card catalog put to new use:

formatting link
Wall of clear plastic bins:
formatting link
Reused giant blue (Lego 1200 piece) bins:
formatting link
Small clear plastic boxes:
formatting link
See also:
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------ somewhere he has comments about organization techniques, too

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