Smoothing Lego Bottoms?

A big thanks to all who assisted with my Pentomino problem.
Everything works great. Now I'm wondering if there are lego pieces
that fit on the bottoms and give the bottom a smooth appearance? If
not, what (if any) techniques do you use to accomplish this? I'm
thinking wax or some kind of plastic but I'm open to suggestions.
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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, those are rounded and they may be too thick. I was looking for something that had the thickness of the "thin" or flat pieces, but that fitted in a reverse fashion.
Take Care.
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only things i can think of are #1 cuttin the green baseplates into yout shapes and possibly paintin them
or using the megablocks gender changer piece 2x2 studs on both sides with tiles (where to get a bunch of these is beyond me
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this piece:
formatting link
may help you out, but i dont see how it will solve your dilemma. there are other modified bricks (check that site under that heading) that could help.
perhaps a double studded plate (studs on the bottom and top of the plate) could be used, and then a smooth tile could be placed over the bottom studs.
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That would probably do the trick. Since I have plenty of smooth plates, if I could get a hold of a few double studded plates of regular height, I can attach smooth plates to the tops and bottoms.
I'll check lego's site and bricklink.
Thanks for the info.
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