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Are the various Lego trains sets compatible. If I get a 12v set and I have a 9v set, are the rail widths the same? I have not actually got any, but am thinking of buying some Thanks, Peter

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Peter Heath
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Hello Peter,

The 9V, 12V, and battery trains are all of the same width, but the track is difficult to use together because of differences in how they join. I don't know of any good way to link the electrical conductors between 9V and 12V track. Although you can use most train cars on either type of track, the engine needs to be specific to the type of track in use. You should also note that the older 12V and battery trains had wheels that positioned the magnetic couplers slightly lower than the newer 9V trains. This normally isn't a problem because they are almost the same height, but the difference can result in occasional detachments, derailments, etc.

To learn more about all aspects of LEGO trains, you should visit

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and go to the trains newsgroup.

Feel free to ask me any specific questions. I have all three types of LEGO train and I have used them together as far as it is possible to do so.

- John Eric

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