Train motor, 12V / 9V compatibility


I used to have an old Lego train (typenumber 7730) which ran on 12V. As a young boy I managed to destroy the train's motor.

I'm trying to buy a used replacement, but I'm also thinking of buying a new 9V motor and modifying the Lego transformer module (I know a bit about electronics, can handle a soldering iron).


- is, except for the 9 or 12 volt part, the 9V-motor compatible with the 12V-motor? Track width, power/ground via a middle rail?

- Anyone ever modified a 12-volt Lego transformer to control a 9V motor?


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No. The 9V is delivered via the rails and requires metal track.

Track gauge and fixing to the wagons is the same though.

The answer above negates this :)

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Dean Earley

Mmmmm... :-(

Well, that limits my options a bit. At least I can skip the difficult decision making process and start looking for a good used 12V motor...


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Hi Matthijs, Well, the 9v motor won't be compatible, unless you solder 4 pick ups on the motor. This link may help:

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should show you how to convert a 9v motor into a 12volt one (after some tweaking) Track width is the same.

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