Man accused in $200,000 Lego Internet scam

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i dont see how it is an "internet scam" it seems more like a retail scam
the people buying stuff from him were not scammed they got their stuff
so am i to assume he would buy expensive sets and cheap sets change the barcodes and take the cheap ones back
quite ingenious took a lot of guts to walk into a store and scam the return counter person
it might have worked better to buy a couple sets then sneak back in with the bag and recipt and steal a couple more durin busy times
for him to hit 5 states he musta used a lot of gas
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He switched the barcodes in the store, then bought the expensive sets with the cheap barcode. The article did not say anything about returning sets with the wrong barcode.
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Ken Rice
Yeah, he got money for the sets by selling on bricklink, not returning them.
Elijah ------ came here to see if anyone had posted that story yet
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Eli the Bearded

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