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Xmas gift for you

I decided that with Xmas coming I wanted to make up a little something as a gift to my customers. So, if you order between now and Dec 24th, I will send with your order a *special* instructions CD with new never-before-seen-on-CD instructions! Specifically, the Tank Engine Train Set

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), a grey and yellow version of the Victorian House (build a whole street full in different colors!) and a yellow pickup truck which never became a kit (it still might in the future, I have some of the parts.... ). This applies to Bricklink parts orders as well as kit orders, so even if you don't need a kit right now, please take a look at what I have available in my Bricklink store at (
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New grey colors from TLC

As many of you will have seen on LUGNET or Bricklink, the LEGO company is changing its light grey and dark grey colors. (If you haven't seen the discussions, see here:

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). In a nutshell, the existing light and dark grey colors, and brown, are being replaced by new not-quite-the-same colors. All new products starting with the 2004 sets will be produced with the new colors. During the transition time it's going to be difficult to know what colors we will get when we buy a retail (or S@H) set, and not all elements will be available in the new colors. This is going to be more than a little awkward from a custom kit production viewpoint. I am still working out how to handle this - the one thing I can definitely say is that any kit I produce will have consistent colors eg all new light grey or all old light grey, and I will specify which is being used so that you know exactly what you're getting. If you have opinions on how you would like to see me handle this, please let me know and I will take your wishes into consideration.

The current kit most likely to be affected by this is the Light Grey Facade (

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), of course, which is 90% light grey. At the moment I have 3 of these kits in stock but I have no idea how light grey availability will be when I come to do another run, or whether I will have to increase the price due to price increases of old-light-grey parts on Bricklink.

Brickfest PDX

If you're planning on attending Brickfest PDX in Portland, OR Feb 13-15

2004, come and say Hi, because I'll be there too! Don't know what I'm talking about? See here:
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Happy building


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