mindstorms nxt unable to install package on windows

I jut received mindstorms nxt for windows. I tryed installing the
package on windows xp home edition. It would not install because I did
not have high enough screen resolution and I did not have service pack
2 for windows and I did not have bluetooth(optional). I was able to
install the software by doubleclicking on the setup.exe in the cd
Do I really need the resolution and do I really need service pack 2?
I tryed installing service pack 2 but was not able to complete the
process as windows never completed installing it (or never started to
install it-I still have service pack 1)
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I don't have nxt but I wouldn't be surprised that the resolution is needed.
As for sevice pack 2, most manufacturers nowadays requires that since there are soooooooo many patches (security or otherwise) that have been added. It would be very hard to get support if you don't have fp 2.
Microsoft is getting very picky these days about the "authenticity" of your copies of XP. A lot of times, they wrongfully decided that you don't have a legitimate copy of XP and refuse to install SP 2.
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The software is quite fussy, it is also very greedy with screen space - many distracting things scattered around the screen. Try it and so how you get on. :-(
Lego only support the software on XP SP2. I may try on Windows 2000, if it installs, at the weekend.
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